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Thread: Join Here! Official Waiting List

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    Join Here! Official Waiting List

    To join the waiting list, register on these forums then reply to this post and send me a pm. I will reply and you will know if you are seeing PM notifications in your email.

    If you are new or relatively new to multi player or the game in general, please say so.

    When a team becomes available you will be sent a pm. You must make sure you make sure you receive pm notifications by email and that they do not go to spam. If you do not reply you will be removed from the list and you will have to rejoin it at the bottom. When you send the pm I will reply and you will then know if your settings are right or not.

    Teams will be awarded on a waiver wire fashion: when a team becomes available, pms will be sent to everyone on the waiting list. There'll be a waiting period, and then the team will be awarded to the team higher on the waiting list to have made a claim. If there are no replies, the open team will be posted publicly and awarded to the first to respond.

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Natcret may want a team in 2025

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Full Name: David Schlegel
    AOL IM: darschler (I think)
    Age: 47
    Hometown: Aberdeen, MD
    Team You would like: Washington Redskins

    I see the Redskins are open and if no one has claimed them, I would like to toss my name in the hat. I am in the DFL and FFL and have won Super Bowls in both, but I don't think I am a great GM. I have a lot to learn about gameplanning. I have also been in other leagues. I am fairly active in the forums - I won't be the most or least active.

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Full Name: William Barnett III
    AOL IM: (I use msn) offlboss
    Age: 39
    Hometown: Oklahoma City
    Team You would like: SD Chargers (if it's available still)

    Champions behave like champions before they are champions - Bill Walsh

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Full Name: Bruce Curson
    Hometown: New Orleans
    Team You would like: NO Saints

    Experience: One of the first members of the IFL (Imperial League). My team (which I have GM's from the start) has the best all-time record in the record books, 197-91. The IFL is a slow paced league and adding a second league like this one would be ideal especially since it is the home town team.

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Placeholder for HomerSimpson98

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List


    I have some interest if the Steelers are still available. I'm not interested in any other teams.



    The ONE and ONLY Trader Rob!

    Former GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers
    Former GM of the Tennessee Titans

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Full Name: Aidan O'Malley
    Email: aidano89 at gmail dot com
    AOL IM: aidano89
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Newark, DE, USA
    Team You would like: ANY, but if a choice is present Eagles first, and any other NFC East team last.

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Full Name: Brad McLeod
    AIM: mcleod73
    age: 38
    hometown: edmonton, alberta, canada
    Team I would like: I was Washington GM from the beginning of the league up until maybe 1.5 seasons ago. Will take any team.

    Head Coach & General Manager
    Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Re: Join Here!! Official Waiting List

    Hi everyone!!

    Im anxious to play in a FOF on-line leagues!! Any teams available?? How long is the que?? Thx a lot!!

    Full Name: Cesar Ferri
    AOL IM:
    Age: 28 years
    Hometown: Alicante (Spain)
    Team You would like: No preferences One ASAP!


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