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Thread: Important Announcements *please subscribe*

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    Important Announcements *please subscribe*

    Sometimes owners do not read the announcements because usually it's only "the files are up" information. To make things easier for everyone, I will put important announcements in a different thread.

    Please subscribe to this thread. It is your responsibility to be aware of everything that is posted here.

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    *Please reply to Roll-Call. Teams that have not replied to roll-call by the Bowl game will automatically become available, as announced before. Seven teams have yet to reply.

    *Last week Green Bay had an issue where their file was uploaded to the server, but my game did not download it or erase it and it was left sitting there. Coupled with the corrupt file errors, it doesn't make me feel very confident to the reliability of the system.

    Downloading files manually is a bit tricky, so I'll hold off on that atm. I will try to keep an eye on the web uploader to make sure I get everything, however, but no guarantees.

    *People who haven't collected their cash prizes from 2035-2036 have until the Bowl game to do so.

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    The new season starts on Wednesday, the three teams currently unconfirmed for next season will be advertised as available on Monday after the Bowl game. The teams are Denver, Washington and Tampa Bay.

    Speaking of which, please, if you're traveling and can't make roll-call, drop a note in the forums or send a pm.

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    Denver and Tampa Bay are open. Cy Young has not been in in a month, while Stokes is noted as checking in a few days ago. Unfortunately, the new rule is clear and both their teams are available at this time unless they reply to roll-call. The original owners can still get them back if they claim them before anyone else, of course.

    The claiming of prizes for the 2035 and 2036 seasons is closed.

    The new season starts on WED. New file is out tomorrow.

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    The schedule is up. The 24-hr draft clock will start after FA3, so teams at the top of the board, be prepared. As to FA, remember the new 30% rule for FA2-12.

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    *Some franchisings were done by the league office only for teams that did not export:

    DE Juan O'Donnell, Arizona
    QB Joey Vielma, Buffalo
    DE Big Cheese, Tampa

    These can be voided before next stage if the team chooses.

    *Remember the draft goes live with 24hr per pick on Tuesday right after FA3

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    *With FA2 on Monday the new 30% rule comes into effect. See threads for clarifications and examples.

    *The draft goes live on Tuesday with 24 hrs per pick, the utility will be set up later today. For information on how to register and other details, see the Draft Guide in the draft board.

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    *The draft utility is up. You can register again using the info from the Draft Guide (in the Draft board).

    *Remember the new 30% rule does not nullify the 2-year rule for FAs. In FA2-12 you still can't give 1-year contracts.

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    *SDO has a one-year offer

    *The following contracts don't meet the 30% rule and will be voided next stage, pending appeals:

    LB Kenyon Mullaney, Bears

    *There is a new utility that tracks your own scouts ratings that is being tested. Unfortunately, it does not work in these league because of some weird nicknames, particularly those that use commas. I would ask everyone to help eliminate those commas so we can all benefit from the use of the utility. More info in the forum thread.

    *24-hr clock for round 1 starts tomorrow

    *Just a reminder during the offseason I only update the "transactions" file in the db

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    For some reason I've been going on about a 24-hr clock starting tomorrow. But it's not a 24-hr clock. It's a 14-hr clock, as per the Draft Guide. I hope no one was misled.

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