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    The Green Bay Gazette - 2024 Post-Draft

    Things finally looked up for the Packers. After taking early in the 2020 season, the new management finally brought the Pack back to the playoffs...where promptly, they lost to a Tampa team that clearly outclassed them in a lot of ways. But it was still a great year, an overachieving year, with the heartwarming Vinny Maloney story being at the center of it all. Guy languishes on a struggling Carolina team, then is mothballed on the bench of the Detroit juggernaut, winding up in San Diego for some odd backup years...before finally, at the age of 35 and in his 11th year in the league, he gets released and finds his way onto the Packers roster.

    2022 was a very uncertain year for the Pack, and a critical one. Kevin Kolb was wearing out the confidence of the coaches. After all the hullabaloo of the previous staff's trade for this highly touted signal-caller, he hadn't even shown the ability to outperform signed-off-the-streets, minimally rated J.T. Doyle. Originally signed as a UDFA by the Packers in 2011, the guy had seen 5 games of action in 9 years (and 0 since 2016) before the Pack picked back him up and saw him outperform Kolb in '21. Kolb was shipped out after 2021, and the Packers were at a crossroads. Several veterans were brought in, but by camp it was evident that they had all taken a step back. And then 56/56 Maloney shows up on the waiver wire before the first preseason game. The Packers gave him a call, and the rest...was history.

    But enough history. As the nearing-37 Maloney heads into his third, and possibly final year of starting for the Packers, Green Bay is once again at a crossroads. To put it bluntly, it looks like we are going to suck. And so, in this most crucial of drafts, the Packers went ... and made a mess of things. But it might not be all bad.

    2024 Draft

    The Pack entered with all of their own picks, and additional 4th (DET) and 5th (SEA) rounders.

    The 4.32 from Detroit was sent to Dallas to move up from 2.21 to 2.18. And then 2.18 was traded for a future 2nd rounder. A disaster from which the Packers didn't recover until late...The other trade of the draft was in the 4th round. The Packers used their own 5th, 5.22, to move up from 4.23 to 4.14. Given how many misses the scouting staff had this draft, that was probably a good move.

    1.22 - CB - Ed Dominguez

    The Packers are attacking a longtime position of weakness by overwhelming numbers and investment. 4 secondary picks in the first three rounds of 2023, and the second first rounder in a row spent on a corner. That makes 10 corners on the current roster. Something's got to stick. Dominguez will make an immediate bid for the 2-deep. Many felt he was a bit of a reach in this draft. It'll all come down to his camp and performance now. Ed has a lot to prove and a ways to go.

    3.20 - OT - Gabe Quinn

    After taking a trip down crazy lane in the 2nd, the Packers come back and take a bust in the 3rd that they were nonetheless quite high on. The search for a future at tackle has been sort of ongoing, with Rico Flynn aging and constantly being on the trade block - but Quinn is a bit of a tweener. Might be tackle, might be guard, and doesn't look like starting material at this time. He'll have his hands full battling 2023 5th rounder Oscar McSwain.

    4.14 - DT - Dan Nails

    Several high prospects went off after the Packers realized they made a mistake with Quinn, and very quickly GB was faced with the prospect of having nobody worthwhile to pick in the 4th. A move up rectified it, and the Pack landed Nails, whom they will stick behind Darren Book at the left end spot in their 3-4. He'll have a change to prove he can be the future there. Only thing is. 24/50 now. "Reason to believe..." on the move, but 21/49 after it. Cause for concern?

    5.29 - S - A.J. O'Neil

    *cough* workout wonder *cough* When a 4.52-18-7.15 guy lands on your roster and he's 6/17, and someone else sees him as 6/16, all you can do is shake your head and tell yourself not to take another safety in this draft. Because it's not been your day. We'll let's see, though. He has good size for a safety. Woo?

    6.21 - OG - Mario Perry

    So I'm trying to do a few different things in looking for offensive linemen. This is an experiment, though.

    7.20 - TE Troy Boon

    Boon joins the logjam at TE for Green Bay. Not a guy with blazing speed, and blocking technique's got a ways to go. But this is the pick I feel best about apart from Nails and the first rounder. He'll be fighting against Mo Lester, Cris Poston, and Seth Rutledge...and Danny Bradford, as well. That's going to be one of the hottest battles of the Pack's upcoming camp - TE, OG, CB will be the key battles. GB scouts were very high on Boon, and he got one of the highest honors one can receive in a FOF draft...

    Originally posted by Fluzao/HOU
    you bastard! I wanted Boon!
    He's a favorite of mine already ;D


    In the end, the best move I made this draft, I think, was to stop the self-inflicted bleeding of the 2nd round and save myself from picking a bust. Hopefully I'll get a decent pick next year.

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    But I am le tired .

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    Re: Green Bay Gazette

    I love it! Take comfort in the fact that there is no way your draft sucked more than mine.


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      Re: Green Bay Gazette

      No way! I think you had a very solid draft! There are bound to be many usable players there.
      But I am le tired .


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        Re: Green Bay Gazette

        I think quite a few of my draftees will not make the team. And I will probably not even sign my 3rd round LB.

        Now that's depressing.


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          Re: Green Bay Gazette

          I thought your draft was fine. There was nothing spectacular about this whole draft. It was like a meatloaf dinner(looks very unappealing, tastes better then it looks, is well rounded but nothing to gloat about)


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            Re: Green Bay Gazette

            On Nails, I think he stands to gain some PRT and maybe lose some run d, so from my vantage point the move to DE looks like the way to go.


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              Re: Green Bay Gazette

              Thanks for the input, chuck. I just usually feel better about a move if his ratings pre-sim hold or increase. But like you said, given his skillset, LDE has to be the way to go here.

              Thanks Wes! It's a good analogy. The ugliness of the draft led me to flush away a 4.32 to move up in the 2nd, only to thereafter trade the pick away completely for considerably less value than a 2.18 is usually worth...that was the big mess I was talking about. I gotta be more careful with my 2nd round picks.

              Let's look at those ratings, which just came out for the full class...

              GBY 2024 Class

              7.20 - TE - Troy Boon - 16/28 - 38%
              6.21 - LG - Mario Perry - 17/35 - 5%
              3.20 - RT - Gabe Quinn - 15/45 - 39%
              4.14 - RDT - Dan Nails - 24/50 - 38%
              1.22 - LCB - Ed Dominguez - 23/30 - 69%
              5.29 - FS - A.J. O'Neill - 6/17 - 21%

              The good news is that Perry looks a bit better than he could have.

              Contract Holdout!

              3rd-year WLB Casey Rivera (29/34) has begun a contract holdout. Geez, man! He isn't even asking for a long-term deal. Now the question is: do I oblige him for his one-year demand and re-sign him as a RFA, or get that 3-year deal in now before he gets greedier. If the latter, it'll expire earlier. But it could be cheaper. Such a bum, this guy. One year of starting and it all gets to his head...
              But I am le tired .


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                Re: Green Bay Gazette

                As Green Bay begins its rookie negotiations, the roster numbers will be an ongoing situation to watch. Rumor has it that discussions with several picks have begun, but top pick Ed Dominguez's agent has indicated that the sides are still pretty far apart in their expectations.

                As for the ten eleven guys who got the axe this week...a small farewell. I like to think I've accumulated a lot of utility players that would make sense to be on the back end of most teams' rosters, especially into TC. The cuts aren't easy at this point, and I'm interested in following the paths of the ones that get picked up elsewhere. A lot of guys who did well in their rookie TC on this list.

                Green Bay Chopping Block

                QB Colin Walker - 2 - 6/34
                +1 rookie TC, +1 again after '24 Tickets stage. Even holds kicks. Had a 14 bench last year, unmasking upwards in multiple bars (short, deep, 3rd, accuracy, read). I usually love holding onto a prospect like this, but I already have enough confidence in Fones, who is more developed than Walker. Choosing a QB3 was a tough call here between Walker and Pravato (who shows no rookie climb or unmasking). I hope I made the right call. I threw so much bonus at Pravato, it'd be a waste...

                QB Lewis Shea - 2- 12/28
                +0 rookie TC, +1 after Tickets stage. Think he shows some promise, but I only kept him last year for the double exceptional affinity or whatever it was. Both are gone now, which is a bummer...

                TE Seth Rutledge - 3 - 33/42
                Checked the Ticket stage CT, and then the cut test, and realized that the signs are not good for him. He has been coming down fast even after getting +3/+3 in last year's TC. 3-year tenure with the team and everything, the rest of my TE roster and the new draft pick mandates this cut. I'm already devoting 11 spots to CB in a "see what sticks" approach. No sense doing so with TEs when there are 2 definite climbers and a promising rookie in the mix aside from Rutledge.

                RB Tom Fredrickson - 5 - 38/38
                He was a gainer in his rookie TC as well. He's unmasking in his RR bar a bit, it appears. Sorry for jacking your guy Wes. Wanted to see how much he was unmasking, but it looks like he's mostly done.

                RB Kelly Raymond - 2 - 25/31
                Fan Favorite, and I hope he doesn't make me regret this. He has a touch of KR ability and high volatility. The top four of my RBs are too promising though. Wouldn't have been active on gamedays.

                C Harry Davis - 2 - 8/32
                Aww, well, sadly, I don't think I can carry three centers. +3 rookie TC, another +1 this past Tickets stage. +1 cut test. A fan fav, and an affinity! Sucks, but I suppose he wasn't going to beat my 50/55 backup center. And I got that guard with the +4 rookie TC to keep, after all. Only so many spots for young developmental guys like that on one roster.

                DT Bryant Gilliard - 2 - 24/34
                He's more than a fan fav, he's idolized (98). +2 rookie TC, +1 Tickets, +1 cut test. 69 pass strength. Unmasking in RD and endurance. Oh well, though. I was looking at him for a developmental NT, but just noticed his weight puts him at 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE. I can wait another year before thinking of life without 72/72 NT Calvin Sanford.

                ILB Ricardo McHenry - 2- 10/23
                This was a tough one. Numbers are now, but +2 rookie camp, +2 Tickets, and a +1 cut test. Also an affinity. Four ILBs ahead of him, though, and they're young and need development time. No room for too many of these. Bit of a bummer, he's gaining in Run D, PRT, Zone, Play Diag, End, and ST on that cut test.

                OLB Jay Ackerman - 6 - 35/35
                Liked him. But, he was falling. It's too bad.

                CB Kelvin Harmon - 2 - 17/28
                +3 rookie camp, +1 Tickets. He's unmasking, although I can't see potential gains from the cut test (only current ratings increase). Looks like he'll keep rising, but I have all these corners. Don't think he would beat out Doggett, a recent draft pick, or Schmaltz, the STs guy, if it came down to it. Interested in seeing how his camp goes, but I am guessing he'll land on another roster. +3 is a good sign, after all.

                SS Graham Tolar - 9 - 37/37
                As long as I'm cutting all the affinities, may as well keep going and go all the way. Logic tells me that Lawrence Pollard is going to suck, and he is the one who should go. But how can you cut a guy you drafted last year and put up 86.3 PD% as a rookie?

                But I am le tired .


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                  Re: Green Bay Gazette

                  Ouch! Releasing Tom Fredrickson was an unnecessary mistake.

                  With the Packers doing a sudden about-face with their position on RB Cory Grier, they could now really use the services of a guy like Fredrickson. Instead, the Packers have gone down the rookie free agent route, signing four guys, releasing one of them, and supposedly being in the mix for at least two or three more. Come to think of it, we could also use Bucky Driscoll right about, shucks.

                  What will become of the Packers running game now? It's in the hands of....

                  * Fred Chestnut - former 1st round pick by, interestingly, Kansas City, released this offseason. He showed a lot of promise initially, but has fizzled in the middle years of his career. His abilities have clearly been on a decline, but he is a decorated, seasoned vet with over 6,000 rushing yards and 1,400 carries to his name.

                  * Wesley Meadows - the longest tenured RB on the Packers roster after the release of Kelly Raymond earlier in the offseason. An undrafted free agent a year ago, Meadows stuck on the roster and became the #2 back after Driscolls' release. Also the Packers' punt returner. Had some struggles early in the season, but finished alright in a 4-6 touches per game kind of role. 334 yards on 76 carries.

                  * Drew Shepard - an acquisition early in the offseason from Tampa Bay. Shepard is a 3rd year plyer drafted at the bottom of the 6th round by Philadelphia in 2022, and has not seen any NFL action to date.

                  * Nolan Carr, Steve Keck, Joe Haggan - rookie free agents out of Vanderbilt, Arizona, and New Hampshire, respectively. Not all of them may make it as the Packers negotiate with their draft picks. Green Bay is at the 70-man roster limit currently, with four unsigned draft selections. A trade with Seattle for cornerback Tony Nichols was announced earlier in the day, meaning three more trades or releases must come by the start of TC, if all the rookies are to be signed.
                  But I am le tired .


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                    Re: Green Bay Gazette

                    Position focus: QB

                    After two very solid seasons as the starting QB, Vinny Maloney enters his 14th pro season as the incumbent quarterback for the Packers. The search for a successor is starting to kick into higher gear, although the Packers have yet to spend a draft selection on a QB since 2020, when the new management took over (if I'm not mistaken).

                    A big reason for that has been James Fones, signed in 2021 and an on-again, off-again Packer since. Word is, many in the organization privately feel that he is the immediate successor to Maloney, and have quite a bit of confidence in him doing so. Fones is 6'4, 236, with proto size and a lot of potential.

                    This 2024 offseason, however, has the Packers importing a variety of other candidates, through the free agency channels. With the 4th-year Fones still so unproven and untested, it's unsurprising that the Packers are exploring all possible options at the position. A quick rundown...

                    Chad Pravato, an unspectacular but solid 2-year starter for the Miami Hurricanes. A little on the short side (6'1) and more of a game manager type, who's been out of football for a full year. At the other send of the spectrum is Ray Mayes, a rookie free agent out of Michigan. 6'4, 232 with a big-time arm and plenty of football smarts. The Wolverines' struggles likely kept him undrafted. And the darkhorse candidate: undrafted rookie Alan Marischen, a 3-year starter for the Dayton Flyers. Received some draft buzz prior to his senior season and before the draft as a small-school prospect, but was passed over by everyone until the Packers landed him as their first post-draft FA call.

                    With three QBs required to make the team, it'll be interesting to see who wins the battle for that #3 spot, and which of the younger guys will take their opportunity to shine.

                    Position Focus: OG

                    One of the earliest selections of the new regime in Green Bay (the earliest, not counting the OJ fiasco), David Richmond is finally coming into his own and emerging as a forceful player on the line. Lincoln Rayburn seems to have the other guard spot locked down - both guards looking to enter their third year starting - but in spite of this, Packers management has made OG one of the priorities of its roster management for 2024 training camp.

                    To this end, two players from the Packers practice squad last year - both 2nd years - are making a strong push for playing time. There's Cole Tucker, the highly impressive and rapidly rising run blocker, and Blaine Ciurciu, who is more balanced but a bit more of a project. The mauler, Kent Ogden - a third-year Packer who was once a rookie free agent - returns as well, but it's his spot that may be in jeopardy. To this list are added two rookies: free agent Ron Reiss and 6th round pick Mario Perry. That's a total of 7 guards competing for what might end up being 3 spots (the Packers carried three guards last year).

                    Position Focus: CB

                    This was the first priority for the Packers in the '24 management, and Green Bay loaded up early with prospects here. However, three trades later, the cornerback population heading into training camp is suddenly looking rather sparse. Roy Longfellow was active for several games last season, but struggled to make his mark despite his promising skillset. The numbers at CB allowed the Packers to ship him off to seek his fortunes at San Diego.

                    Tony Nichols was similarly promising prospect, who spent the '23 season on the GBY practice squad. He has good size at corner, but was ultimately viewed as duplicating what Green Bay already had invested in with their 3.07 pick from that year, Levon Doggett. Finances surely paid a role here. And lastly, PR/ST Mo Mori also duplicated their man coverage skillset, along with Gus Schmaltz and Todd Flynn's ST ability. The Dolphins got Mori and the Seahawks got Nichols, which makes three cornerbacks gone in one offseason, and three seventh round picks acquired.

                    The Packers still have seven players at the position, though, with FA import Danny Willis already emerging as a leader in the secondary, and Ed Dominguez of TCU arriving as the second first-round in two years. He should challenge former 6th round pick and 6th-year man Kennedy Guido for a starting spot.

                    That's all for the interesting positional battles here at Packers Camp! Good luck to everyone in the most anticipated sim of every FOF season...

                    But I am le tired .


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                      Re: Green Bay Gazette

                      [u][b]TRAINING CAMP IN REVIEW

                      It was a rather ugly camp for most of the Packer guards, who did not meet expectations. Three of the eight guards wound up being cut - Ciurciu, Reiss, and Ogden (the surprise). Tucker has really come on as a backup, and is beginning to be viewed as maybe a really good run blocker down the road, and someone who has the tenacity to play whole games. 6th-round draft pick Mario Perry was also a delight, working his way into the final four of the OGs.

                      On the cornerback front, Brady Lake - the 16th overall selection in last year's draft - is fast establishing himself as one of the league's premier cornerbacks. The other incumbent, Kennedy Guido, has been solid if unspectacular, and rookie Ed Dominguez is making a very strong challenge for that job. This is more depth at corner than the Packers have enjoyed in a while. Look for new signee Danny Willis to round out a very solid Top 4. The Packers played quite a lot of base last season, but that could change now - they are equally confident in sending out their nickel and dime backs, or their third or fourth linebackers, as situation dictates.

                      It's safety that has become the crowded spot now. This will be one to watch, as there are a number of candidates for very few positions.

                      Didya really sign rookie +7 TC Dixon Kemp to a salary with 6.5 million in bonuses?! How will the veterans feel?

                      So asketh the reporter. " was an unfortunate accounting error," says the Packers GM, before turning around and asking to his PR man, "I can say that, right? Makes us look less bad? Anyone we have to get rid of to keep the truth from getting out? You know what, let's just cut him."

                      A wealth of talent at receiver

                      With rookie free agent Harry Horinek earning rave reviews and making catch after acrobatic catch, it looks like yet another solid young talent to add to an already deep receiving corps. One anticipates there being a move here, and it will most likely be one of the new guys...unless aging vet Skip Witten gets the axe. Would be a surprise, but every other receiver on the Packers roster is creeping upwards, most by quite a bit. How can you say good-bye to that?

                      A new challenger arises...

                      QB Alan Marischen is demonstrating some big-time NFL potential in camp. A long-term developmental prospect...and it will be years before we'll know if he's just another preseason scrimmage arm, or if there is something to the early hype.
                      But I am le tired .


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                        Re: Green Bay Gazette

                        Preseason In Review

                        It has been an ugly couple of weeks for the Green Bay franchise. Rival GM bomber of the Nasty North Bears has informed the Packers that they are "screwed." And we have done nothing to battle that perception, going a lifeless 0-4 through the preseason.

                        It was mildly informative as we got some looks at various players - but there has been little to inspire, performance wise, and little to benefit, on the injury front. It is the worst preseason in recent memory for Green Bay, who come out of it with a tricky injury situation. The Packers have three players who are physically unable to perform and could conceivably land on the IR in time for the regular season cuts. But all three are players Green Bay wants for the long haul of the season, and all three have short-term injuries.

                        Packers management have said that at most one of these players - Donald Land, Fred Chestnut, and Ronald Gaines - will wind up on IR. Meanwhile, rumors of trade talks have begun around some of the players on the Packers block. A couple of offensive and defensive skill position players have been linked to at least one other team, sources say. Furthermore, Green Bay is not currently fit to open the regular season with the roster it has (injuries), and will bring in several players for workouts this week before making the final cuts and/or IR designations to bring it down to 53 for the opener against Minnesota.

                        As always, close to the deadline, the Pack's roster is full of flux. "Not to worry," quoth the GM, Ted Thompson. "We're going to have a look at some new faces, but we will have 'er trimmed down and ready to go by Monday night... and I promise you we will put out a 53-man team that we are willing to go to war with."

                        [b][color=#162]Woe unto Evil that dares defy us. Fear the Air Maloney!
                        But I am le tired .


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                          Re: Green Bay Gazette

                          The final preseason cuts!

                          QB C.Pravato
                          WR S.Witten
                          TE D.Bradford
                          C C.Noble
                          G M.Perry
                          S R.Shepard
                          S C.Bivens
                          S A.J. O'Neil

                          WR S.Witten *(trade)
                          S L.Pollard *(trade)
                          F.Chestnut *(trade)

                          G D.Suliven *-only brought in for a "workout"
                          G D.Tice *-only brought in for a "workout"

                          NT D.Land *-IR

                          Tough luck, as the 5th and 6th round picks of this past year's 6-man draft haul are cut before regular season play can begin.

                          Some talent I thought was promising ended up in the cut pool, as well as some long-tenured mentors. Could not deprive the team of young talent though, and there were only so many spaces for them. Guys like Henry Horinek (14/20), Austin Cook (12/27), and Kenny Ford (17/36) must now reward me for my faith in them. All were at one point considered longshots.
                          But I am le tired .


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                            Re: Green Bay Gazette

                            Week 1
                            Green Bay 23, Minnesota 20

                            Whew! I have never seen a team dominate a game in such a drab and lifeless manner!

                            What's important is that the Packers come away from week 1 with a win, even though it should have been by a much larger margin...and also that we came away without any real injuries.

                            Maloney put on a game-managing clinic, including the hallmark of any true game manager, which is to complete 77% of his 51 passes, spread them around to different targets (10 receivers with two catches or more), and most importantly, do his utmost to put as few points personally on the scoreboard as he can.

                            5 sacks on Luther Fain; that is a promising start to the year.

                            In other news: WHO NEEDS CORY GRIER?? when you have Steve Keck and Pat Bridges! Whooo. Combined, they were just 0.2 yards per carry away from averaging 4 ypc. Like I said! WHOO!

                            * I should not celebrate that much. I just saw that Grier went out for 6 weeks with a pulled calf muscle midway through his first (very promising) game at Kansas City. hate to see that happen.
                            But I am le tired .


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                              Re: Green Bay Gazette

                              Green Bay 2025

                              Gone is the great Vinny Maloney, unceremoniously retiring after a disastrous 2024 campaign in which he put up good numbers (sack+fumbles excepted), but led the Pack to their worst record in years. A program that seemed headed back up, took a large step back and lost the centerpiece of its offense, to boot. Not to worry, though. Head Coach Morris Auguston is back and ready to lead this team to glory.

                              Maloney and last year's offensive coordinator may be gone, but new OC Donovin Darius ain't changin' nothin'. The Air Maloney attack is gone in name only. The heir apparent's time is now, and the rest of the NFC North better get ready to defend some Fone 'n' Gunn.

                              That's right CyFL. His Royal Airness James Fones says wassup.

                              Pre-TC moves

                              A few more loose ends to sort through for TC. Six rookies are going to be signed to option 4 contracts, and making room for them will be the following cuts:

                              RB G.Mulhollon (R)
                              WR T.Clemons (11)
                              WR L.McGee (2)
                              G L.Rayburn (7)
                              DE H.Stiegler (R)
                              OLB A.Bishop (9)
                              OLB L.Beers (R)
                              CB R.Lambeau (R)
                              S H.Wischer (R)

                              2025 FA Class

                              This was the dullest FA class in memory, and we didn't really go out and get anyone to my recollection. Not a great round of FA for us, a former Packer got poached away early and we had wanted to hold onto him.

                              QB Ron Eckberg (16-45/45) Bulking up and taking that 1-8 career record and 18 formations to most likely the bench.
                              OG Adam Kelly (2-15/37) Developmental prospect. Good size (6'3-319) on a guard, I think we're trying to reign that weight down a little bit.

                              Wow, and that's it! I know I signed several more, but I guess they all eventually became casualties. Have never been this inactive in free agency.

                              2025 Rookie Draft Class

                              I recall having quite a bit of draft stock to work with, initially, but trading most of it away. We had numbers on the roster and didn't want to make too many picks. We ended up with 8: four early selections (top 71), and four late ones (bottom 40).

                              An interesting draft for us. Couldn't really address our top needs, it just wasn't there for the taking. We went with secondary needs instead (and a bit of BPA), going offense-offense-offense-offense with our high picks and compensating with some defense later on. We also got to make our first ever Mr. Irrelevant.

                              1.07 TE Kim Gunn - 44/71 A big play tight end selected high, whose talents will go to waste in this place where offensive output goes to die.
                              2.03 C Roman Castillo - 20/53 Some center. An eye for three-four years down the line.
                              2.07 G Irv Jennings - 25/47 We didn't /strictly/ need a guard, but the talent level in the position group needed replenishing. This means less reliance on the C's to play guard, and a better future for the OL.
                              3.07 RB Steven Solwold You just never know with RBs. The current philosophy is, "keep adding RBs to the roster, at SOME point you will find something good." Solwold was picked low enough that the risk wasn't great, if he doesn't work out. At 6'1, 246, he looks more like a FB, though. A FB that can fly.
                              6.24 DE Glenn Jannot Longshot.
                              7.19 DT Vinny Prior This guy really fell in the draft. A longshot, but with not bad upside.
                              7.25 SS Hunter Swayda No combine guy. Could be a corner or a safety.
                              7.32 LT Wade Swager Very, very raw prospect out of Northwestern. 'Tweener. Solid upside, but he's a longshot to get there.

                              2025 UDFA class

                              We're always on the lookout for some low-investment rookie free agents to take a flyer on. Sometimes they work out (fourth-year ILB Geoff Simon is surprisingly still kicking around on the roster, and he's been a solid role player for us). This year's crop is an average sized one.

                              RB Teddy Stobierski, 28/39 - total flier. "Throw everything and see what sticks" philosophy at RB.
                              WR Courtney Palmer, 14/24 - He can run. I don't think he's another Horinek (WR from last year) but there's some upside here, so we'll hang onto him in camp and see what he can do.
                              RT Preston Ratini, 21/39 - Another tweener prospect. We are accumulating a lot of G/T type players in addition to RB. Competition for the young, unproven backup tackles.
                              WLB J.C. Money, 16/31 - Going light on LBs this training camp. He is the #4 outside backer. Pretty lofty expectations, but we are very strong at LB regardless.
                              CB Herb Carne, 21/38 - Could be a corner or a safety. Think he sticks at corner through camp, at least. His run stopping skills would be valued at safety, but our need there is minimal.
                              SS Carlton Curtis, 14/28 - Longshot with upside. Would be a FS all the way. 6'1-221, no chance of a corner move here.
                              FS Marlon Pribbernow, 16/40 - Smart kid with a funny name. It remains to be seen if he can do anything aside from diagnose plays back there.

                              Looking forward to winning the division title this year. ;D

                              15 rookies, plus two veteran free agents are the additions in 2025.
                              But I am le tired .