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The frustrations of playing defense!

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  • The frustrations of playing defense!

    In our last season in Washington we absolutely love our running game, the coaching team have looked at a lot of film and we know where to run it and where not to run it behind i'll strong OL, Mackenzie our new HB is having a good year but the run just can't do it all. We're cursing our luck because for the third seaosn running we've lost our starting QB for at least 6 games and that's hurting.

    But it's defense that's the real frustration like I think many of us are finding, i can run left, right, run left to right and so much more, i can make pretty little lines across the field with my passing routes, sending all my recievers in one direction and one area or send them one deep left, one deep right and a couple underneath etc and make it look like tinsle thrown on a christmas tree badly (festively appropriate i thought), i love how i can use play action when i run well but if the opposition has the ball and I am on defense and it's 3rd down and 3 or 3rd down and forever I have to use the same play. Yes i can put cover 2 and 3 deep cloud in the box for "versus 113 personnel 3rd and Long" but i don't want to be calling 3 deep cloud when it's 3rd and 3 and I don't want to be calling press 1 when it's 3rd and forever, as for blitzing i want control who blitz's not let the game send both my cornerbacks and leave my LB's in cover, seriously that's just rubbish and on eplay like that can lose you a game. As for the 2nd minute offense oh my lord, i think i know more about how a womens mind works that what the hell is going on with 2 minute defense. I guess it's the same for all of us but we have so much power to gameplan on offense and so little on defense. Anyway we'll keep smiling in Washington through gritted teeth and hope we get a fix before to long!

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    I hole in FOF9 these problems are addressed with a better defensive playcalling.


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