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  • Vikes tikes 2052 edition

    1-1 QB James Zelch 14/61: While he may not be a 1-1 guy we needed a QB and we felt he was easily the only one worth a 1st round pick. He's raw but if his future holds he'll
    be what we wanted.

    1-2 RB Orlando Prater 58/79: About what we thought he be, that's why we traded up for him. We will have a run game now.

    2-1 G Rex Phillips 34/70: We felt he was to good to pass up and he upgrades the OL.

    2-20 - CB Hunter Walton 26/52: You can't have enough corners like his bars, he can return punts, endurance is the main concern.

    5-1 OLB Gene Whitfield 26/52: Looksl like he can be a good coverage LB

    6-1 WR Wes Schroeder 27/40 WR depth and kick returner

    7-1 S Grayson Watt 20/39 I missed this email and was autod, not sure if I would have taken him or not was in my list.