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  • *League Rules*

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    League Bylaws

    Game Settings:
    Injuries = 125 100
    Salary Cap = 28 to 80
    Combine Accuracy = 39

    Sims run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the regular season, with no midweeks, and Mon-Fri during the offseason. Deadline to turn in an export files is 6 AM Central Time, although sims are usually run around 8 AM Central.

    Note: if during the regular season you need some midweek moves done, pm them to the commissioner, but make sure to also post "reminder" in the files thread. These moves may include releasing players the game does not allow you to release.

    Sims and important changes will be announced in the Important Announcements thread.

    You can follow the latest forum posts by subscribing to the RSS feed of the forum.

    I) General Items of Conduct

    *All owners are required to follow the rules listed below.
    *Tanking will not be tolerated. Proof of tanking could result in a loss of a draft picks.
    *There will be a roll call at the end of each season so we can see who is coming back each season. If an owner does not reply by the deadline, his team will be offered to a new owner.

    III) Trades

    *The owners who complete a trade must post the transaction in the Completed Trades board. Both owners involved in the deal must reply within that post confirming the deal. No editing is allowed in the completed trades thread.
    *Preferably, post picks in the in-game format: 2.14, 3.16, 2.2009, 1.2016, etc.
    *Preferably state what each team SENDS not what they RECEIVE to avoid confusion
    *The trade deadline is schedule for week 8 every year.
    *The commissioner has the right to veto any deal he feels is extremely lopsided. All trades are looked at in the best interest of the league.
    *No trading of FAs signed the same year, as per the in-game restrictions. The only exception to in-game restrictions is drafted rookies.
    *Trading during Late FA is allowed.
    *All trades are processed AFTER the sim (see below). It's the players responsibility to take the necessary precautions (ie, making players inactive to avoid injuries). If a traded player were to get injured before being moved to his new team, the receiving owner has the option of renegotiating or voiding the trade as soon as he becomes aware of the issue.
    *The only exception to the above is roster adjusting stages (Week 1 and preseason 2). In those stages you can request the sim to be run before the sim: 1) State it in the trade's original post, 2) Send a pm, 3) Post a reminder.

    IV) Player Contracts and Position Changes

    *All position changes are permitted.
    *Position changes resulting in a loss of more than 20% of the players overall rating must be announced in the correct section of the forum. Any position changes made without posting will result in a warning. 2nd time, you may be penalized with a pick.

    V) Roster Rules

    No team may have more than 70 players on the roster once the training camp stage is run. A GM can go over by a few players during the offseason as long as he gets right back under the limit. The only time 70 will be enforced as a hard limit is after TC runs. NOTE: Roster size = total players under contract, not active players.

    VI) Free Agency

    You need at least 3m in bonus per every 20m in total salary.

    Year 1 - 5 million base salary
    Year 2 - 6 million base
    Year 3 - 7 million base

    Total salary = 18 million. Bonus required, none.

    Example 2:
    Year 1 - 5 million base salary
    Year 2 - 6 million base
    Year 3 - 7 million base
    Year 4 - 8 million base

    Total salary = 26 million. Bonus required, 3 million.

    [A) One-year contracts are forbidden in early FA. This only applies to UFAs (players in the free agency screen).

    B) During early FA stages 1-12 (but not during late FA), the bonus money offered a player needs to be at least 30% of the base salary for contracts 10 million and above. Please note this is before including the bonus in the total amount of the contract. Example: If the player base salary is 10 million in total, the bonus needs to be 3 million (at least). That will drive the total amount of the contract to 13 million, but you need not adjust the bonus further. The 10 million threshold itself is also defined by base salary only. This only applies to UFAs (players in the free agency screen).

    C) Contracts in violation of the rules in A and B will be voided the first time. If there are further violations the players will be released with a cap hit.]

    VII) Salary Cap

    Any team over the cap after Week 1 will get a midweek to get under the cap. Failing that, the league office will release players until the team is under the cap. If detected after Week 1, players may be released without warning.

    VIII) Changing Teams

    If you want to change teams you may, provided that

    A) You send a pm to the league office stating the team of your preference as soon as you enter the league, or soon after this rule is posted.

    B) You do not have a trade with the team you wish to have.

    C) The team of your choosing becomes available at the end of the season. You cannot change teams mid-season.

    D) The team you are leaving must be in a reasonable cap situation and with no 1st round picks or multiple other picks missing.
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    Re: League Rules

    Clarification on the 70 player off-season limit: I will not enforce this as a hard limit. That is, it's ok to go over a couple of players as long as you get right back under the limit. The only time it will be enforced as a hard limit is at TC. NO team can be over 70 after TC is run (and remember, unsigned rookies do not count toward your roster).

    Clarification on Injury settings: I hadn't paid any attention to this until now, when I realized I've been using the standard 100 setting. I will be changing it to 125 now.


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      Re: *League Rules*

      Extensive cleaning and editing was done. Nothing major, but take a look (newest edits always in red).

      Also, Home Page rules have been updated to match these (in theory anyway).


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        Re: *League Rules*

        We have a new rule: no Catch & Release (read details above)


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          Position change perk has been eliminated. No one used it and neither have I for a long time


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            Combine accuracy is now 39